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Green Vibrance Powder 60 Day

Green Vibrance is unlike any other green food supplement on the market. Containing an array of alkalising grass extracts and nutrient-rich vegetables, the formulation revitalises the body with a range of phytonutrients, antioxidants and probiotics. Over 70 ingredients are used, each chosen for its health-giving properties. Mix a scoop with water or juice and look forward to the rewards.

  • Contains over 70 ingredients
  • 2730mg of plant based micronutrients
  • 25 billion probiotics from 12 strains
  • 14 antioxidants
  • 6 cereal grasses
  • Non-GMO, Vegan friendly and Gluten free
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Green Vibrance Powder 60 Day

Green Vibrance – An Alkalizing Green Superfood

Green Vibrance is known throughout the world as a nourishing, alkalizing green superfood supplement. For two decades, this nutritious product has helped individuals achieve a multitude of health benefits, strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems and feeding each cell with what it needs to operate efficiently. 

Gluten-free, devoid of soy and packed with probiotics, vitamins and antioxidant herbs, Green Vibrance  has walked off with a multitude of awards over the years.

So What’s in Green Vibrance?

A concentrated superfood designed to make you stronger, healthier and more energetic, Green Vibrance’s ingredients – of which there are over 70 – have been specially chosen to support several essential bodily functions. The formulation makes use of cereal grass powders and juices to supply the body with valuable nutrients – nutrients which play an important role in bolstering the cardiovascular, immune, digestive and neurological systems. 

As well as cereal grasses, which allow mature humans to repair bodily tissues more quickly, the Green Vibrance superfood supplement includes a bounty of nature’s most wholesome green vegetables, including broccoli sprouts, parsley leaf & stem, spinach leaf and kale leaf. Organic spirulina, heralded as a rich source of phytonutrients, protein and vitamins, is yet another gold standard ingredient. 

A Super Green Powder Packed with Probiotics

You won’t just find concentrated vegetables in this quality green superfood; there’s a high number of digestive enzymes, added botanicals, antioxidants and probiotics. There are 25 billion friendly probiotics in each serving of Green Vibrance, more than any other dietary supplement. What’s more, the probiotics are divided into 12 strains, helping to assure a healthy gastrointestinal tract by supporting colonies of strong intestinal flora.

Who Should Use Green Vibrance?

We believe that everyone can benefit from regular use of a superfood powder like Green Vibrance. After all, it has been developed to support the four foundations of health – nutrition, digestion, circulation and immunity – and delivers a multiplicity of trace nutrients that may be deficient in our modern diets. Green Vibrance also helps individuals address acid-alkaline imbalances, which are sadly all too common nowadays. 

Stocked in various sizes

Green Vibrance Powder is available in a range of different sizes. Just mix one scoop daily into water or your favourite beverage for a concentrated hit of green nutrition. Alternatively, the supplement is available in sachets and capsules for taking on the go.

An apple a day might be good, but drinking a superfood smoothie each day is even better!

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